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The Sun Still Rises - Gen. 32:31

The Sun Still Rises ‘the sun rose upon himGen. 32: 31
Itarsi, 10 July 2007 Domenic Marbaniang 
Introduction 28: 11 – the sun was set But God had not abandoned him. The first meeting 28: 13 Jacob’s response: 28: 20 – A very business-minded young utilitarian.
1.The Sun arose over his dark history of sin and selfishness. Pride and Lust: 28:20:The great artist Michelangelo fastened a little lantern to his headpiece so that his shadow wouldn't fall on the marble on which he was working. When self becomes obtrusive, it casts a shadow on all we do. This is true even in prayer. Selfish attempts at Esau’s birthright and blessing. Securing Future Prospects The birthright secured to him who possessed it (1.) superior rank in his family (Gen 49:3); (2.) a double portion of the paternal inheritance (Deu 21:17); (3.) the priestly office in the family (Num 8:17-19); and (4.) the promise of the Seed in which all nations of the earth were to be blessed (Gen 22:18) Reaping: Deceived by Laban. Barrenness of Rac…