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Winds of Change

‘Days have changed’ said an elder.
Crafty change takes a stealthy stride.
And even before the eyes could wonder
Supersonic change does steal the ride.
Neither allowing to predict nor ponder,
Another change soon whizzes by.
‘It’s Future Shock,’ said Alvin Toffler.
'Inevitable process,’ said Harvey Cox.
‘It’s last days,’ said Paul the apostle --
On winds of change the world now rocks.
We’re living ‘midst lights and thunder,
Camera truths and lusty lies.

The tower of Babel looms sublimely higher,
Now built of neither brick nor clay.
Floors of fantasy built one upon the other
Defy the heavens in total array.
But Babel comes tumbling down asunder
And men depart as flurrying flies.

Lie is a multi-headed monster,
Unsatiated, ever-seeking some new
Fancies to placate its infernal hunger,
Spinning changes and choices not few.
As insatiable desire flares up stronger,
The hurried heat is its death-sigh.
This world of wars, wishes, and woes
Now finds in it her most fearsome foes,
Lawless winds of change on fire
Burn thi…