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Free Bibles, Commentaries, and Dictionaries for your Cell Phone

The mobile phone can be a ready reference help for those who wish to use Bibles, Commentaries, and Dictionaries on it. Depending on the kind of handset that you use there are various options. Following are some links for free Bibles, Commentaries, Lexicons, and Books.

Download Go Bibles For Java Phones: (LATEST)

Download S60 Bibles, Books, and Commentaries:(Download and Install the s60 Bible that matches your handset first, then download the pdb Bible files, same as for Bible+, and save them anywhere in your Phone, then click on the "Options" button on the Bible and go to "Bibles" and click on "Update Bible List". Now, you're set to go). (for Latest Versions)

More Versions: Sign in: You can find S60 Bibles …

Outline of Theology in Hindi - Part I (Introduction and Bibliology)

बाइबिल के प्रमुख सिद्धांत एवं शिक्षाओं की समझ हेतु धर्मविज्ञान प्रणाली की रूपरेखा का इस पहले कडी को पढिये।

धर्मविज्ञान प्रणाली की रूपरेखा - भाग 1 by Domenic Marbaniang

You can find the English version at Scribd.

The Story of Kurien Thomas: First Steps

The Story of Kurien Thomas, as retold by Domenic Marbaniang

The fire of the Spirit ran into my bones. I fell to the ground as words of the heavenly language burst from my lips. They flowed incessantly. The believers around were awestruck as, they said, a glorious light enveloped my body. I spoke in tongues for 8 hours that night from 2 to 10 am. My little village was soon ignited with this news and people streamed to the church to see what had happened. God had asked me moments before He gave me this baptism of fire “Son, I am going to fill you with the power of the Holy Spirit; but what will you do with it?” What does one do with God’s power? I bowed down on my knees and confessed “Lord, give it to me and I will serve you with it. I will live not for the fading glory of the worldly kingdoms but for your eternal Kingdom and serve you in this land of India.” God had answered instantly and inundated me with His blessing and my heart was filled with zeal and enthusiasm.

But the next day,…