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Study Doctrines Online

Here is the link to an online study of doctrines. Kindly let the page download fully for the verses to display as tool tips.
ϯ Outline of Theology

7 Pillars of Wisdom

Devotion: Fear of the Lord, Godliness
Discipline: Control: Body, Soul (Mind, Will, Emotion): temperance, self-control
Dream: Vision, Purpose, Meaning, Track
Desire: Passion, Motivation, Inspiration, Constraint
Discovery: Information, Knowledge, Counsel
Discipleship: Learning, Teaching, Raising Leaders

© Domenic Marbaniang July 25, 2010 7:59AM

On the Ground

The night drops curtains all around,
The wind blows roughly all around,
I've toppled and dropped Your candle
On the ground!

The day ran lightly, gleeful, and sound,
The heart followed after round and round,
It slipped and lost its handle
On the ground!

Much gold through labor, we all have found,
Much gold through passion, we all have drowned,
We've failed to stick our sandal
On the ground!

The night dropped its curtains all around,
The wind blew so roughly all around,
But stronger burnt Your candle
On Your ground!

The day dragged on heavily with furious sound,
The Spirit broke the cycle of merry-go-round,
You strongly held Your handle
On Your ground!

True life eternal in You is found,
True Life supernal, in You I drown -
But, unworthy I'm
Of the dust of Your sandal
On Your ground!

D. Marbaniang, July 2010

The Inner Conflict - Thoughts on Psychology

From Lectures on Psychology

An important field of psychological research is the biology of behavior, also variously called physiological psychology, psychobiology, or biopsychology, whatever.

The theological problem is that the Bible doesn't accept that moral choices are physiologically determined. Determinism may form the basis of animal behavior, but not of man who is held morally responsible for his actions. Though, materialists may disagree, the argument connects to the factor of difference, namely the spirituality of man.

The inner conflict of Romans 7 is the conflict between the physiological determinant and the soul's incapability due to sin to obey God's law, an external factor not belonging to the cause-effect system of the flesh. Therefore, as long as we were in the flesh, the passions did what they would. However, the introduction of the Law posed the conflict because the soul finds itself in the bondage of the flesh, so knowledge conflicts with determinist animal…

Aham Se Uddhar - अहं से उद्धार

रविवार, जुलाई 11, 2010. पेंटिकॉस्‍टल चर्च, इटारसी
वक्‍ता: डॉ. डॉमिनिक मारबनियंग

''कुरियन थॉमस के चार दुश्‍मन हैं: संसार, शरीर, शैतान, और कुरियन थॉमस। आखिरी दुश्‍मन सब से खतरनाक हैं।'' -डॉ कुरियन थॉमस

कहा जाता है कि लंदन के टाईम मैगज़ीन ने एक बार ''संसार के साथ क्‍या समस्‍या है'' विषय पर कुछ लेख प्रकाशित किये थे। सब से लघु उत्‍तर विख्‍यात लेखक चेस्‍टरटन ने भेजा, और वह इस प्रकार था:

आदर्णीय सम्‍पादक महोदय,
आपके प्रश्‍न के संबंध में कि ''संसार के साथ क्‍या समस्‍या है'',

मै हुँ,

जी.के. चेस्‍टरटन
एक पादरी साहब रविवार सुबह के लिए संदेश बनाने में व्‍यस्‍त थे। तभी उनका बेटा आकर जिदद् करने लग गया कि ''आओ, पापा, मेरे साथ खेलो''। परेशान हो पिताजी ने एक विश्‍व के मानचित्र को 10 टुकडों में फाड़ कर बेटे को दिया और कहा कि ''जाओ इसे सही कर के लाओं।'' वे सोच रहे थे कि इस से बेटा व्‍यस्‍त हो जाएगा और उनको तैयारी का समय मिल जाएगा। लेकिन बेटा थोडी ही देर में लौट गया, और वह मानचित्र भी सही कर लाया था। चकित हो जब पिता ने पूछा किे…

Why Life?

JOB 3:23
"Why is life given to a man whose way is hidden..."

1. So that we may be crowned with glory
Psalm 8:5
2. So that we may be like His Son Jesus Christ
Romans 8:28,29
3. So that we may live a blameless life by the power of God
Eph.1:3,4; 2Peter 1:3
4. So that we may walk in the light of God, not as fools but as wise
John 8:12; Ephesians 5:14,15
5. So that we may show forth the praises of God.
1Peter 2:9 - Are you praising God for Who He is?
6. So that we may be one in the Spirit as Jesus and the Father are one
John 17:11; Ephesians 4:3, 15,16
7. So that we may seek God and worship only Him
Acts 17:25-28

Those who live in Christ and for Christ live life according to God's purpose
Those who die in Christ will be crowned with glory

Domenic Marbaniang, July 19, 2010

Outline of Theology

INTRODUCTIONThe Meaning of Theology
Theology is a study of Christian doctrine and faith. The Queen of sciences, Theology is an attempt towards a systematic exposition of and presentation of Christian doctrine.The Need of TheologyFor a clear understanding of faithAs a rational and articulate defense of faith (1Pe. 3:15)For a systematic presentation of God's revealed truths (2Ti. 2:15)As a guard against heresy and false teachings (Mt. 22:29; Gal. 1:6-9; 2Ti. 4:2-4)For spiritual growth and maturity as Christians (Eph. 4:14).Divisions of Theology
Biblical (Exegetical) Theology: Often studied as Old Testament Theology and New Testament Theology based on an exegesis of the Bible.Historical Theology: Study of the origin and development of theological perspectives in the context of their historical background.Systematic Theology: Systems of theology or systematic arrangement of a presentation of doctrines.Practical Theology: Application of Theology. Disciplines: Homiletics, Pastoral Theolog…

Cover Me, Savior!

While through this renegade world of sin, suffering, and shame,
I walk, I run, I hover, and crawl,
I pray You never keep me at bay,
Though I stagger, I wander, I wriggle, and fall;
For, what man of himself can ever make a claim -
I'm covered with sin, with agony, and shame!
Lord, heal me forever, remove my despair,
Open my eyes to see Your glory -
Not this nakedness that drives me insane.
Cover me, Savior, remove my disgrace,
Grant me asylum under the shadow of Your Name!

© Domenic Marbaniang, July 16, 2010

Health: Tongue Cleaners

Do you use a tongue cleaner? If yes, then you are at the advantage of having germ-free tongue, sharp taste buds, and a fresh breath. If no, any doctor would advice you start using one soon. Let's look at some reasons why a regular use of a tongue cleaner has several advantages:

1. It removes the plaque of food remnants that accumulate over the tongue.
2. It removes the bacteria that feed on the plaque (these are those that cause such a foul breath).
3. It cleans the taste buds and rejuvenates them.
4. Cleaner and stimulated taste buds help you get a better and original taste of the food.
5. It protects the mouth against ulcers caused by infections.
6. It helps to maintain healthy gums and teeth, which are the tongue's immediate neighbors.
7. It gives the mouth its fresh breath.
8. It is good for the stomach. Uncleaned tongue increases chances of bacteria getting mixed with food during mastication, leading to stomach illnesses.
9. It is good for lungs, as breath is also inhale…

4 Guards Over Life -जीवन के चार पहरें – (Proverbs 4:20-27)

Forthcoming in Satyadoot Magazine, Itarsi, August 2010

संसार में मनुष्य हर बहुमूल्यक बात की सुरक्षा का उपाय करता है। घर के अलमारियॉ, संदूकें, दरवाजें, एवं खिडकियॉ तालों के तले सुरक्षित पाएं जाते ही हैं, साथ ही साथ कुछ लोग अधिक सुरक्षा के लिए पहरेदारों को भी नियुक्त कर देते हैं, क्योंकि हर व्यसक्ति जानता है कि इस संसार में उसकी सुरक्षा की जिम्मेीदारी प्रथमत: उसी पर ही हैं, और यह संसार एक दुष्टक लोक है। लेकिन भौतिक वस्तुतओं से भी अधिक मूल्यंवान मनुष्या के कुछ ऐसी बातें हैं जिनकी सुरक्षा करने में यदी वह विफल हो जाएं तो वह सब कुछ खो देता हैं। इसीलिए पवित्रशास्त्रि हमे चिताता है:

हे मेरे पुत्र मेरे वचन ध्यान धरके सुन, और अपना कान मेरी बातों पर लगा। इनको अपनी आंखों की ओट न होने दे? वरन अपके मन में धारण कर। क्योंकि जिनकों वे प्राप्त होती हैं, वे उनके जीवित रहने का, और उनके सारे शरीर के चंगे रहने का कारण होती हैं। सब से अधिक अपने मन की रक्षा कर? क्योंकि जीवन का मूल स्रोत वही है। टेढ़ी बात अपके मुंह से मत बोल, और चालबाजी की बातें कहना तुझ से दूर रहे। तेरी आंखें साम्हने ही की ओर लगी रहें, और तेरी…

India Gets its Unique Rupee Symbol

The Indian Rupee has got its unique official symbol (र with a double-strike). Sify Finance and IANS reports
After delaying its verdict by many weeks, a five-man jury finally chose IIT post-graduate D Udaya Kumar's design as the symbol of the Indian currency from shortlisted entries in an all-India contest late on Wednesday.... Kumar's symbol... is formed by the merger of the Devanagari 'Ra' and the Roman capital 'R' without the stem. [Sify News]According to The Economic Times,
Kumar's entry was chosen from 3,000 designs competing for the currency symbol. He will get an award of Rs 2.5 lakh.[The Economic Times]So, the Rupee doesn't need to be just abbreviated as Rs. or INR any longer, it can be represented with its own unique symbol, even as $ or £ are represented for Dollar and Pound. But, it'll take a bit of time for it to settle down on the market.

Reliability, Predictability, and Paul the Octopus

Paul the Octopus has recently become very famous after his predictions for Germany and Spain during the World Cup 2010 came right. The 100% accuracy tag distinguishes him from any other diviner who had attempted a prediction during the World Cup. There were responses and reactions from various people including sportsmen, statesmen, and mathematicians. Whatever, the use of Paul has demonstrated once again that mankind's search for an extra-temporal, psychic foresight has not quelled through the historical calendar returning a decade over this millennium. The question before us is can such predictions as those of Paul be counted on as reliable (in other words, can they be seriously taken as true)?

The mathematicians have plumped for chance. It's all a matter of probability, they say (BBC News). However, the argument of chance in itself is weak. The mathematics of chance will calculate that the probability of Paul being right seven times out of seven is 1/128. But, the conclusion…

Fay Clayton - Ballad of the Unborn

Was introduced to this poem by the thesis (draft) of one of our students, Ayan Ghosh, this evening. The poem by Fay Clayton attempts to sum up the feelings of a baby who was severed from life before her eyes could see the world. Worth reading and pondering over. Just was thinking how grateful we are for life, a gift of God...
My shining feet will never run
On early morning lawn;
My feet were crushed before they had
A chance to greet the dawn

My fingers will never stretch
To touch the winning tape;
My race was done before I learned
The smallest steps to take

My growing height will never be
Recorded on a wall;
My growth was stopped when I was still
Unseen and very small

My lips and tongue will never taste
The good fruits of the earth;
For I myself was judged to be
A fruit of little worth

My eyes will never scan the sky
For my high-flying kite;
For when still blind, destroyed were they
In the black womb of the night

I'll never stand upon a hill
Spring winds in my hair;
Aborted winds of thought closed in
On …

Deliverance from Self – Message

Message preached at Pentecostal Church, Itarsi
Sunday, July 11, 2010. 10:15am
Translator: Rev. Samson Kalgur

“Kurien Thomas has 4 enemies: the world, the flesh, the devil, and Kurien Thomas. The last is the deadliest of all.”
~ Kurien Thomas

London's Time Magazine is said to have run a number of articles under the heading "What's Wrong With the World?" While a number of people had written to the editor their opinions and answers, the shortest reply is said to have come from the famous G.K.Chesterton. He wrote:
Dear Editor,

Regarding your question "What's Wrong With the World",

I am.

G.K. Chesterton
A Preacher was struggling over the preparation of his sermon for Sunday. His son, however, was in a different mood. He kept coming and asking his dad to come over and play with him. Disturbed, the father struck up on a game in which he thought he could get his son engaged for a while. He tore a map of the world into ten pieces, shuffled them, and asked his son t…

From now on... (ab sey)

From now on...

May only Christ be magnified
May only Christ be preached
May only Christ be portrayed
In thought, act, and speech.

From now on...

May only Christ be satisfied
May only Christ be pleased
May only Christ be honored
In life, desire, and deed.

Ab sey...

Keval Masih ho uncha
Keval Masih ka ho prachar
Keval Masih ka ho chitran
Soch, karya, vachan mein.

Ab sey...

Keval Masih ho santusht
Keval Masih ho prasann
Keval Masih ka ho aadar
Jeevan, iccha, karm mein.

Trichotomy Chart - Body, Soul, Spirit

11 Major Organ-SystemsIntellect
Analysis, Synthesis, PredictionIntuition
Spiritual DiscernmentREACTIONInstinct
E.g. SurvivalEmotion
E.g. FearConscience
Knowledge of Good and EvilACTIONDrive
E.g. Hunger, ThirstVolition

Why Do People Believe in God?

In an age when "belief" is looked skeptically down, one wonders why people still continue to believe in God. At the same time, there are those who wonder why people aren't able to believe in God.
Following may be some reasons why people believe in God:
1. Simplicity. There is a law in both philosophy and science called Occam's Razor that says that the simplest explanation must be preferred to a more complicated one. Belief in God is simple, therefore, people believe in God.
2. Rationality. Belief in God answers several questions that may not be, otherwise, answerable. It solves the question of creation and destiny of the universe, the question of justice, morality, and truth, the problem of evil, the question of life after death, and the problem of man's purpose in life.
3. Practicability. Belief in God is practical and useful. It helps one to face life in a positive manner. At the same time, the believer's experience of God's answer to his prayers, of miracl…


On installing Windows 7 in your computer, you might have noticed that you cannot open certain files, and Win7 gives you the message “Access Denied”. This can be solved very easily.

1. Download Ultimate Windows Tweaker from The Windows Club.
2. Unzip it and run Ultimate Windows Tweaker.exe (it may ask for permission)
3. Go to Additional Tweaks and check wherever it says: Show "Take Ownership"
4. Restart your machine
5. Now right-click on the drive, folder, or file that is blocked and click "Take Ownership" and follow the prompts.
6. You can now access those files.

If this doesn't work
1. In the Tweaker, again, go to User Accounts & UAC
2. On the top right, you may find two options saying "Disabled". Enable them to enable the built-in Administrator.
3. Restart.
4. Log in to the Administrator account.
5. Right-click on the drive, folder, or file you desire permissions for.
6. Go to "Properties"
7. Go to "Security", then to "Adva…