The World is Not Your End

You may conquer the galaxies and reign over the stars,
Then, after that, what yet?
You may receive adulation of all that are born,
Then, after that, what yet?
You may have all the riches that riches can contain,
Then, after that, what yet?
Does space have a border; is there to heights an end?
You move upwards, downwards, and sidewards;
Yet, farther recedes space
(Distraught by time);
You never reach
'Cos the world is not your end.

I will show you your destiny,
O man, woman, or child, whoever!
This world is a train, don't just walk in it,
'Cos the train is not the end.
Get your maps ready, chart your course right,
Here is your destiny, beyond space and time:

This world is a little game, with spectators all around,
The game seems all reality when you're playing in the ground.
But, sooner the game will be over; then, there's a world beyond...
Each fragment of life is a game with its rules, a perspective, an angle;
Don't be so lost in it, that you forget that rules are man-made,
Don't flow passively with the current...
But, then, you'll flow if you know not where to go!

But, you should know it, shouldn't you?
Here is it, then, again: eternity...
Rule 1: What do you leave for your posterity?
What history, legacy, and life?
Rule 2: What do you have in heaven?
What joys, satisfaction, and rewards?

© Domenic Marbaniang, 2011


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