On Prayer - Quotes by Ruth Bell Graham

"Satan fears prayer because God hears prayer."

"Men of God, whose prayers are recorded for us in the Bible, never read a book on prayer, never went to a seminar on prayer, never heard a sermon on prayer. They just prayed."

"Start praying where you are, as you are, about whatever concerns you, about whatever is lying most heavily on your heart, about whatever is irritating or frustrating you at present."

"Be pointed. Be persistent. Be patient. But pray."

"One of the greatest blessings I ever received was having my mother come to live with us following the death of my father, Dr. L. Nelson Bell. During that time, I began to realize that for some Christians who are (like Mother was) confined to a wheelchair, handicapped in speech, and unable any longer to read or to watch television, God has reserved the greatest ministry of all—that of prayer."

"According to the Bible, God responds to our sighs, our tears and our murmurs. Even our longings can be interpreted as prayer."

"A good time for family prayers might be after the evening news on television. At this time, not only could we pray for our families and friends and local problems, but we could bring to the Lord the various crises and events portrayed on the screen."

"If each evening, as the newscast concluded, a great wave of prayer across the world could ascend to God on behalf of those in trouble and those making trouble, what a difference it might make! We could pray by name not only for individuals involved, but also for each network newscaster and commentator. The greater the diameter of our knowledge of human needs, the larger will be the circumference of our petitions."

"I'm not sure that you can say Mother has a best friend, because she doesn't confide in friends much. Really, the Lord is her best friend. I know that is unusual, because most of us--and that includes me--felt as if we need a human set of ears that we can cry or complain to--even though the Bible teaches us to trust God and to lean on Him."
-- Ruth Graham, Ruth's daughter


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