You Are My World!

I SEARCHED  for peace,
Peace You are!
I searched for joy,
Joy You are!
I searched for happiness,
Happiness You are!
And, all the goodness that I sought
Is fulfilled in You;
You are my World!

They called me from the depths,
And drew me in chains,
They cast me into bitterness
Into anger and shame;
I thought I must hold on
To them and to You,
And all the while they pulled me away
Far away from You.
Then, in my sinful darkness I realized;
You are my World!

Take away my light,
Take away my life,
Take away my health,
Send me to hell;
But, Lord, please still be my only World!
The world is a disgrace,
A dark and haunted place;
I seek freedom that's found
In Your Holy Embrace;
Lord, You are my World!

Snatch me from the world,
From its wild and hungry fire;
Bath me with Your mercies,
Give me my desire --
It's You!
Dip me in Your ocean
Of true love and forgiveness;
Draw me in Your bosom
And hide me in Your place --
In You!

I've walked the lonely garden,
When all along You were there;
I've rolled in sin and passion,
When all along You stood there;
Your arms did await my return,
Though knowing, I lay unaware;
Then, in my darkest hours,
I realized in all the world,
You are there!
Lord, You are there!
You still are there!

Wrest me from these blinding forces,
Heal me by Your grace,
Restore me in Your infinite mercies,
Lord, to behold Your glorious face!
What do I have now in the world to be mine;
I've squandered my passions and have sunk in the mire!
The world may have lured me,
The devil may have ensnared,
But, it's my heart, Lord that has wandered,
And has wallowed in disgrace;
But, this prodigal returns
To the Gates of Splendor...
Oh, I'm covered with rags and worms...
But, yet I'll return to You, my Father,
For You alone, Lord, are my World!

I've grieved You O Lord, not once nor twice,
But, time and time again!
Still, in all the world, I have nowhere to go,
For, You alone are my Resting Place!

Deal with me, as with one of Your servants,
Deal with me, as with one of Your slaves,
May I only sit at Your courts;
But, O my Father, cast me not away from Your face!
Lord, You are my World!


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