Drown Me in Your Light!

You entered my dark room
With Your gentle light,
My eyes were hurt
By this brilliant sight,
My soul lay bare open,
My thoughts all revealed,
Before the brilliance
Of Your gentle light!

I gazed on in horror
At the inadequacies within,
My face's to the ground
For I'm a creature of sin;
You reach out and touch me,
You say "It's alright,
Your sins are forgotten,
You're healed from within!"

As long as I look at myself,
My infirmities remain,
But, when I look at You, Jesus,
There lingers no stain.
For, You treat me as Your son,
Not as a stranger without,
And, when I'm in Your presence,
I remember no pain.

Be with me Lord Jesus,
Drown me in Your light,
Dispel my darkness,
Fill my sight!
Drown me in Your light!


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