What does it mean to be led by the Spirit? - Criteria

What does it mean to be "led," "moved," or "driven" by the Spirit of God? ...is it something ineffable and very subjective like the experiences that yogis and Zen Buddhists talk about? In that case, it is not open to verification at all, and impossible to judge in any way, except investigation of the claims and results of such "leading". The Biblical criteria, however, is that (i) the leading must accord with the principles of scriptures (Deut.13:1-5) (ii) the leading must lead to the edification of the Church (1Cor.14:3) and (iii) the leading must bring glory to the Son (Jn.16:14).

Marbaniang, Domenic. "Wind of Winds", Basileia, Theological Journal, Vol. 4-1, April 2011, CITS, Itarsi, p.33


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