Dhanyawadi Hriday - Hindi Message

Dhanyawadi Hriday (Thankful Heart)
Message by Dr. Domenic Marbaniang
Duration: 11:04 (Clips)
Year: 2011
Language: Hindi


Word of God said…
Brother Domenic, I am encouraged by your website and the Hindi sermons you are recording. Thank you! We are trying to do something similar at http://parmeshwarkavachan.wordpress.com/
Thank you! Thanks also for sharing your blog which certainly has very rich collection of teachings in Hindi! I wonder if you can consider adding an Index or Archive page, as well, to it for easy access to all sermons in one page. Perhaps you already know, but there's helpful information here http://en.support.wordpress.com/archives-shortcode/
crytek80 said…
I was listening attentively to your message regarding thanksgiving but after 11 minutes your audio stops ..
It was very encouraging message to be thankful in every situation of life.
Can i get the remaining message.
Praise the Lord.
Thanks for your comment brother! I'm glad that you're blessed by the message. Unfortunately, I don't have the remaining message, presently. In case, I happen to find it, I'll let you know! Regards

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