Glory of the Son - Part 2 (Glorifying God through Service)

JOHN 17:1
"Father, the hour has come. Glorify Your Son, that Your Son also may glorify You.”


We saw
1. Revelation of Glory (John 1:17)
2. Foretaste of Glory (2 Cor.3:18)
3. Christ in us, Hope of Glory (Col.1:27)

John 12:23-26

1. To Serve Means to First Die

“He that loves life…”

- Dying to Self
- Dying to other interests/affections
- Dying to other commitments

Becoming a zero (Phil. 2)
Humble yourself and He will lift you up

E.g. Sadhu Kishan Singh while on journey through Himalayas. The heat of carrying that person on his back kept him from freezing; but, his friend who was in a hurry and wanted to save himself was found frozen to death.

JESUS CHRIST – THE WHEAT/SEED: Dies and falls to the ground in order to bear fruit

Do you glorify your Master by dying to the world and living for Him?

Paul: CROSS: The Great Divider (Gal. 6:14)

2. To Serve Means to Follow

- Being Where He Is
- Learning What He Wills/Desires
- Doing What He Wants

Surrender your rights in His hands
Until you surrender, He won’t honor your offering/work

Are you where your Master likes to be? Are you where He is?
Fellowship, Ministry

Elisha followed Elijah (Gilgal-Bethel-Jericho)
Ruth followed Naomi
Peter failed by Christ restores

Gehazi… ran after what his master rejected
Away from his master: “Didn’t my heart go after you?”

Do you glorify Your Master by following Him?

3. To Serve Means to Set Christ as Your Primary Object of Service

“Serve HIM”

100% Commitment
100% Attention/Sensitivity

People say they can’t know God’s will because
1. They are not fully committed (“all your heart…soul”
2. Not fully tuned (no consistency)
3. Not staying close to the frequency (out of God’s coverage area)

E.g. Paul sought for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ (Phil.3:8)

A Listening Heart
An Understanding Heart
An Obedient Heart

Glorify the Father through Service

Jesus says:
“Father will honor you.”


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