Glory of the Son - Part 3 (Glory in the Church, His Body)

JOHN 17:1
"Father, the hour has come. Glorify Your Son, that Your Son also may glorify You.”


We saw
1. The Revelation of His Glory (John 1:17)
2. The Foretaste of Glory (2 Cor.3:18)
3. Christ in us, Hope of Glory (Col.1:27)
4. Christ Glorified Through Our Dying to Self And Living To Him
5. Christ Glorified Through Our Following Him
6. Christ Glorified Through Our Serving Him

Heb.12: Looking beyond the Cross for the Joy: The hour when the Son will be glorified.
The victory lay on the focus beyond the Cross.

JOHN 13:1-17: Christ Glorified in His Body, the Church

Eph.3:21; Jn. 17:10

1. Christ is Glorified When There is Love Among Each Other in the Body

John 13:34,35

- Loving your own (your God, your neighbor, your spouse….) Jn.4:20,21
- Loving to the end (1Cor.13: Love’s First Characteristic – “suffereth long”;
Love’s Last Characteristic – “never faileth” E.g. Jesus loved Peter to the end

Learning to forgive (Eph.4:31) – without knots (worldly love when once broken can never be mended; and even if it were, it would harbor knots).

2. Christ is Glorified When We Serve Each Other in the Family

John 13:14,15

- 13:3. Knowing Who You Are (Have a right identity of yourself. To serve doesn’t mean to lose identity) Illusion: The Church must conform to the world in order to win it. NO, there must be a separation.
- A Humble Servant Attitude (Phil.2:6ff)
Laying aside His garments (The Robe of Divine Glory), He came down to serve us
TOWEL: Readiness to Serve
Water in Bason: Word of God (Eph.5:26; John 17:17)
How much water do you have in your bason?
Don’t try to remove the speck when you have a log in your eye.

Serving: Building each other, Teaching, Reproving, Correcting, Encouraging, Exhorting, Cleansing…

If you sit with sinners, you get dirty (Ps.1:1)
Sit with saints – Be cleansed

TOWEL: Wiped it on His bosom
Cover somebody’s shame. Don’t be a talebearer, gossiper, slanderer, a devil’s agent; be a servant of Christ – cleanser, a priest.

E.g. Good Samaritan. It did cost him something to serve. He didn’t serve for any payment. He served as the Good Samaritan.

3. Christ is Glorified When There is Unity in the Body

John 17:11; Eph. 4:3

Unity in faith – Don’t stray from the Apostles’ doctrine
Unity in fellowship – Don’t give up gathering together
Unity in service – Get involved in God’s work

Don’t allow seeds of disunity. Heb.4:12,13; 12:15; Jude 19-25


Broke Bread and Gave to Them: LOVE, SERVICE, UNITY


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