Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs (1Cor.13:5)

THERE is an ancient proverb in Hindi which says
Rahiman dhaga prem ka mat todevu chatkai,
Tootei to phir na miley, miley ganth parijai.

[Do not snap the thread of love o Rahim;
For, if it breaks it can't be be joined; and if joined, it leaves a knot.]

It is not easy to forget the wrongs that someone has done against us. And, even when we get reconciled sometimes, there is some knot, some painful reminder, some grudge that is left behind. But, the Bible teaches us that we need to learn not only to forgive, but also to forget the hurt, or else the reconciliation is not perfect. Divine love, the fruit of the Holy Spirit (not of our own self), makes that possible. When Jesus forgave us, He kept no record of our wrongs. The Psalmist says "As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us" (Psa 103:12). The prophet Micah could say "You will cast all our sins into the depths of the sea (Mic.7:19). Isaiah could say "You have cast all my sins behind Your back" (Isa. 38:17). He also wishes us to deal with others as He deals with us. There is an interesting story told by Leo Tolstoy of how two children once get into a fight, which in return draws their parents into a big quarrel. But, while the quarrel gets heated higher and higher, someone points to the two little children away from all this fuss, playing again, being totally forgetful of their fight a little while ago. Jesus told us that unless we become converted and become like little children we cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. It is these records of wrongs that give birth to so much of hatred, strife, and wars in the world. But, love keeps no record of wrongs.

Prayer: Lord, I thank you for forgiving me so much and for not dealing with me according to my transgressions. Sometimes, it is really not easy to forgive, and even harder to forget because of the hurt. But, when You took my sins on the Cross and bled to die for my sake, You set for me an example of true love, and it is Your desire, O Lord that I walk in Your love and glorify Your name. So, I repent of any grudge against anyone that I still hold, O Lord, and surrender my heart in Your hands. Make me and mold me and fill me with Your love, so that every thought and act of mine will reflect the majesty of Your all-loving and all-forgiving kindness.


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