The Importance of the Doctrine of Trinity

1. Ground of Morality
Provides the rational-eternal basis for moral categories - If God was a not a Trinity, then categories such as love, joy, and goodness couldn't be absolute.

2. Ground of Relationality
Provides the relational basis for interpersonal relationships. Therefore, Christ could pray regarding His disciples, "that they may be one, as We are" (Joh. 17:11).

3. Ground of Knowability
Provides the rational-empirical basis for epistemic categories - if God was not a Trinity, then the knowledge as a subject-object relationship, as analytic-synthetic distinction, and Truth as such couldn't find an original ground.

4. Ground of Plurality
Provides the metaphysical ground for a pluralist reality, and unity in diversity of the uni-verse.


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Amrita James said…
Thanks...Some of my doubts has cleared, after reading the matter of trinity. God Bless you.

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