What is Life? - Sermon

Text: John 10:10
Mon. Sept. 12, 2011.

1. Life is a Gift

It is a gift of God.
What we do with a gift shows how much we regard the Giver. Some keep old letters as a treasure, because it was written by a special one whom they love. Some treasure autographs. God has given us the gift of life. Let's live it in honor of Him. Never despise any fellow being or life-form, for God has created them all. Jesus said if we call our brother a fool or Raca, we will be in danger of hell fire. Never forget that all life is a gift from God and must be received as such.

2. Life is a Mission

We are not here just out of nowhere, thrown in, without any purpose, meaning, or destiny. God has created us with a purpose, and this life is all about fulfilling that purpose, to know Him and glorify Him. We must not look at life as complete and rounded in itself. It is not the end, but only a means for the fulfillment of a mission, which is the Kingdom of God in our lives. Are we living with God's mission mandate in perspective and with eternity in mind? Let's follow our Shepherd and not the world in knowing what to do and where to go in this world we live in.

3. Life is an Opportunity

There is only this one life given to us, and it is the only opportunity for us to do what can be done before the Judgment. The Bible commands us to make the best use of every moment. "Redeem the time," it says "for the days are evil". Do we buy each opportunity in order to do good and glorify the Name of our Lord? If not, it is the right time to repent and surrender ourselves into God's hand, so that our times will really be in His hand and life will be fully lived only for Him, for Whom all things are made.

God bless!


segun said…
am bless and encouraged. thanks a million

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