Hindi Messages (M4a & Mp3 Audios) from Bilaspur Convention

Following are links to audio files (m4a, Apple Lossless Audio) of messages delivered at the 6th Chattisgarh Annual IPC Convention, Oct 2011 (Note: All messages are in Hindi):


Marbaniang-Deny Self and Follow Christ.m4a19.1 MB Download  
Marbaniang-Everlasting Arms of God.m4a13.4 MB Download   
Marbaniang-Faith That Raises Dead.m4a12.9 MB Download  
Marbaniang-Made For A Purpose.m4a19.1 MB Download   
Marbaniang-The Lord's Table.m4a9.4 MB   Download  
Marbaniang-Young Christian.m4a4.4 MB   Download  


crytek80 said…
Jai Masi Brother,
I am from Shillong,my name is David Pradhan in a small congregation named
Anugrah Pariwar Mandali ... I really am in awe when I saw your site with your khasi name ... its really amazing to know that you talk and sing in Hindi so well .. remember Brother it is God's Gift , and you re utilizing it in a proper way.Keep it up n I encourage you.
Praise God.

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