Seven Reasons Why I Tithe (by Dr. David Jeremiah)

Outline of a Message on Turning Point. The message is no longer available at

To not speak about finances is like taking a pen knife and cutting out the heart of scriptures.
The word "baptism" is mentioned 40 times in the Bible
The word "prayer" 275 times
The word "faith" 350 times
The word "love" 650 times
But there are 2350 verses that talk about finances, offerings, tithes, and material blessings.

1. Tithing is a matter of PRIORITY with God
2. Tithing is a means of PROVING God
3. Tithing is a means of PROVISION by God
4. Tithing is a method of PARTICIPATING in the work of God
5. Tithing is a means of PUTTING God first
6. Tithing is a method of PROTECTING your investment
7. Tithing is a means of PRACTICING your faith.


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