Authority and Power

The Greek word for authority is exousia and the word for power is dunamis.

Authority and power go together. Authority is backed by power. Authority uses and releases power.

1. Jesus had authority over diseases; but, He healed by the power of God (Luke 5:17; Mark 5:30).
2. Power is tangible; authority is official (Mark 5:30; Acts 4:31)
3. One can be filled with power; but, authority is delegated (Acts 6:8)
4. Faith releases the power of God (Eph.1:17,18,19; Mark 5:30; 9:23)

However, power of authority in politics differs from power of authority in the church and elsewhere. There is no authority greater than God since there is no power greater than God's - He is the Supreme Almighty.

1. Political authority uses physical power and force to enforce the law and execute justice (Matt.20:25; Rom.13:3-6)
2. Church authority has been given spiritual power to battle against spiritual forces of wickedness, to flash God's light, and to exercise the discipline of godliness in the Church (Luke 9:1; 10:19; 2Cor.10:4; Eph.6:10ff; 2Pet.1:3; Eph.3:20).


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