Authority of Jesus

1. He had all authority in heaven and on earth (Matt.28:18)
    a. He always had it as God (John 17:5)
    b. He had authority from God and gave it to His disciples (Matt.8:9-10)
    c. After His resurrection, He was glorified and given all authority as the Second Man (Matt.28:18)
2. He had authority in teaching (Matt.7:29)
3. He had authority over demons and the powers of darkness (Mark 1:27)
4. He had authority over diseases (Matt.4:23)
5. He had authority to forgive sins (Matt.9:6)
6. He had authority over nature (Mark 4:39,41; 11:21)
7. He had authority over life and death
    a. Over His life (John 5:24; 10:17,18)
    b. To kill and to resurrect (Mark 10:28; Luk 7:14; 15; John 5:25)
    c. To give eternal life (John 17:2)
8. Authority to execute judgment (John 5:27)


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