Baptism (Water)

Baptism literally means "immersion" and "submersion". The picture usually is of a vessel immersed in water to clean it thoroughly. In the New Testament, water baptism is an important step to discipleship. Belief in Jesus Christ and baptism go hand in hand. While faith is related to believing in the heart, baptism is associated with our public confession of that faith (Rom. 10:10; Matt. 3:6; 1Pet.3:21). Jesus instituted baptism as the ordinance of initiation into discipleship. Anyone who wishes to publicly confess and accept Jesus Christ as his/her Savior and Lord and declare that he/she is disciple of Jesus Christ partakes of baptism.

Baptism means:
1. According to Romans 6. Identifying with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. When one goes under water, it shows he/she is dead to his/her old life of sin. When one comes out of water, it shows a new life in Jesus Christ (Rom. 6:3; Col.2:12).
2. According to Matthew 28:19ff. Initiation into discipleship. “making disciples.. baptising them..”
3. According to Mark 16:16. It goes along with faith in Jesus Christ. All who believe in Him take water baptism.

Baptism entails: 
1. Obedience to Faith
2. Obedience to Counsel of God (Luke 7:30)

Mode of Baptism: Immersion in water. Symbolizes death, burial, and resurrection. The word “baptizo” in Greek itself means washing by immersion.

Formula: In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. "In the Name of Jesus" has been used in the New Testament to distinguish the baptism of Jesus from other baptisms (e.g. Jewish proselytisms and John's baptism).

Recepient: All who believe (anyone who can believe can be baptised). But, baptism before belief is not baptism (for example, an infant doesn’t know what belief is or baptism is). (Mark 16:16). Even those who had taken the baptism of John had to be rebaptized in the Name of Jesus (Acts 19:3-5).

New Testament Baptism is an Antitype of:
1. The salvation of Noah and his family in the ark during the flood (1Pet. 3:21)
2. The Israelites passing through the Red Sea after being delivered from Egypt (1Cor. 10:1,2)

What Baptism Accomplishes
1. Death to sin and death (Rom.6:8-11)
2. Rising up to newness of life (Rom. 6:4)
3. Putting on Christ (Gal.3:27)
4. Answer of a good conscience (1Pet.3:21)


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