Casting Out Demons

  • A believer has Christ-given authority to cast out demons (Matt. 10:1,8; Mk. 16:17). The source of this power is Christ alone.
  • Christ cast them out by the Spirit of God (Mt.12:28); therefore, a believer should have a Spirit-filled walk (Gal.5:25).
  • Prayer, fasting and total submission to God is important (Mk. 9:29; James 4:7).
  • The believer should seek the gift of discerning the spirits (1Cor. 12:10).
  • He should not talk with demons, as a general rule (Mk. 1:24). They are deceivers.
  • The believer should cast them out in the Name of Jesus (Acts 16:18).
  • Do not close your eyes when casting out demons: you are commanding, not praying; demons are sometimes seen to be physically violent (Matt.17:15; Acts.19:15,16).
  • The believer should not allow the demon to weaken his/her faith in God, His Word, and the power of Christ’s Holy Spirit. One of devil’s weapons is doubt (Gen. 3:1; Matt.4:3-10).
  • In every deliverance session, there must be order and discipline among the servants of God; let one minister in authority while the rest back him/her in prayer (1Cor.14:33).
  • All amulets, charms, fetishes, and occultic objects must be removed before any deliverance can take place. The possession of such things provide strongholds for demonic oppression. (Acts 19:19).
  • The delivered must be guided into confession, repentance, belief, and the infilling of the Holy Spirit to avoid serious consequences of demonic return (Matt. 12:44,45). A life of holiness and keeping in the will of God is imperative (1Jn. 5:18).


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