God's Will

God's will is His desire, intent, and purpose.

Five Aspects of God's Will
1. God's Personal Will - The will of God that He accomplishes and which is uneffected by what any volitional beings do (Ps.115:3; Heb.6:17,18).
2. God's Prescriptive Will - The will that God prescribes for us to follow (1Jn.2:17; 1Thess.4:3). This includes both God's mandatory and prohibitory will (things that He commands us to do and things that He prohibits us to do).
3. God's Preferred Will - The will of God that prefers something over another (1Tim.2:1; Rom.12:2)
4. God's Permissive Will - The will of God that permits certain things, though they are not preferred by Him (Acts 14:16).
5. God's Pliable Will - The will of God that can be changed through human responses (Gen.18:23ff; Exo.32:11-13,14; Jonah 3:10)

How we can abide in God's will
1. Seeking God (Prov.28:5)
2. Seeking Discernment (Prov.2:3,4,5; Col.1:9; James 1:5)
3. Repenting from sin (2Cor.3:16; 1Jn.1:6-8)
4. Obeying God's Word - His Written Will (1Jn.2:17)
5. Renewing the mind (Rom.12:2)
6. Being Spiritually minded (1Cor.2:14)
7. Praying in the Spirit (Rom.8:27)


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