A taxi driver sees people standing on the pavements: they are waiting or boarding - passengers.

A medical doctor notices people of different shapes and sizes: they are either healthy or unwell - patients.

A vendor keeps his eyes fixed on someone nearing him: they are either coming to him or are just passing by - buyers.

An evangelist looks at people on photos, videos, or face to face: they are either lost or found - souls.

An adulterer follows women with his eyes: they are either appealing or unappealing - sex partners.

A prostitute gazes flirtatiously at men passing by: they are either wise or foolish - customers.

A child beggar looks at well-clad, well-fed humans passing by: they either are compassionate or too busy to think of her - privileged.

God's eyes range throughout the earth looking at people: they are either godly or ungodly - children.


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