Adam, the Last

This is the title used for Jesus in 1Cor.15:45-47. As the Last Adam, Jesus is contrasted with the

First Adam. A few contrasts are as follows:
1. The First Adam was not born of any sexual union; the Last Adam was not born of any sexual union.
2. The First Adam is called son of God (Luke 3:38); the Last Adam is the Son of God.
3. The First Adam brought sin into the world; the Last Adam put an end to sin.
4. The First Adam was made a living soul; the Last Adam was a life-giving Spirit.
5. The First Adam was the head of the sinful race; the Last Adam was the one in whom sin came to an end.

The related title of Jesus is Second Man. As the Last Adam, He is the end of the old sinful race; as the Second Man, He is the head of the new holy race, the Church of the Firstborn.


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