Meaning of Life

Meaning of Life
1. Doesn't consist in the Abundance of Wealth one has (Luke 12:15)
2. Doesn't consist in the Amount of Work one does (Eccl.2:4-6, 11; 4:8; Rev.2:2,4)
3. Doesn't consist in the Applause of the World one gets (John 5:44; Luke 16:15)

Meaning of Life Consists In
1. Knowing God in Obedient Faith (John 17:3; Ecc.12:1,13)
2. Doing Good in True Love (Isa.1:17; Mic.6:8; Luke 6:27; Gal.6:10; 1Cor.13:3; 2Thess.3:13; 1Tim.6:18; James 4:17)
3. Doing God's Will With Wisdom and Finishing His Work (John 4:34; 17:4; Rom.12:2-8; 2Tim.4:7)


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