Patience is forbearance, i.e. the moral capacity to endure and forbear delay or imperfection. Other words that explain its meaning are longanimity, fortitude, endurance, tolerance, and longsuffering. Patience is, thus, a word related to time. It is the measure of our durability in faith.

1. Patience is giving allowance to more time (Neh.9:30; Matt.18:26,29). Allowing more time is a process of suffering (loss, pain); therefore, patience is also longsuffering.
2. Patience is the ability to hold on, i.e. to possess one's self, to endure, to allow things to grow (Luke 21:19; 8:15)
3. Patience is connected with a future hope. Unless one has hope, one cannot allow patience (Rom.15:4; 1Thess.1:3)
4. Patience is the fruit of the Spirit (Gal.5:22). Only the Spirit who sees everything from the beginning to the end and stands above time can guide our hearts into all patience.

Sources of Patience
1. God (Rom.15:5; 2Thess.3:5)
2. Scriptures (Rom. 15:4)
3. Being strengthened with all might, according to His glorious power (Col.1:11)
4. Pursuit of patience (1Tim.6:11)
5. Testing of faith (James 1:5)
6. The Spirit (Patience is the fruit of the Spirit) (Gal.5:22)
7. Inspiration from the lives of the prophets (James 5:10)

Rewards of Patience
1. Salvation (Matt.10:22; 24:13; Mark 13:13)
2. Inheriting God's promises (Heb.6:12)
3. Perfection (James 1:4)


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