Wisdom is the ability to rightly use knowledge in order to solve problems, make the right choices, and take right decisions.

There are different kinds of wisdom, but not all are good:
1. Worldly Wisdom (foolish) - The wisdom that comes from the world (James 3:15; 1Cor.1:20)
2. Carnal Wisdom (sinful) - The wisdom of the flesh, its desires and passions (James 3:15; Rom.7:18,23)
3. Demonic Wisdom (wicked) - Ideas that come from the devil; demonic doctrines (James 3:15; 1Tim.4:1)
4. Divine Wisdom (good)- The wisdom that comes from God (James 3:16)

How to obtain Divine Wisdom
1. By practicing fear of the Lord (Prov.1:7)
2. By asking for wisdom in prayer (James 1:5)
3. By associating with wise children of God (Prov.13:20)
4. By studying and meditating upon God's Word (2Tim.3:15; Col.3:16)
5. Through the gift of the word of wisdom (1Cor.12:8)
6. By choosing to act wisely (Matt.10:16)
7. By obeying the word of God (Matt.7:24)


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