Elasticity and Stress in Trials

Texts to Read:
2Cor.1:8; 1Cor.10:13; James 1:2-4; Rom.5:3-5; 1Jn.4:4; Rom.8:28-39

"God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able..." (1Co 10:13 NKJ)

Physics defines elasticity as the ability of a body to regain its original shape and size after deforming force is withdrawn; in other words, it is "resistance to change". Stress is nothing but the resisting or restoring force acting proportionately against the deforming force. When the deforming force is overwhelming over the elasticity limit, the body will either break under strain or be crushed under pressure. The good news is that the Bible promises us that God will not allow the test to exceed our resistance limit; secondly, God also assures us that He that is within us (to give us the resisting power) is greater than he that is in the world (the deforming force). No doubt, stress is the condition of being disturbed (it is a state of resistance); therefore, we must be careful how we relate to someone who is in stress (not to be like Job's foolish friends). At the same time, we must remember that the deforming force will have to stop at a point in time because it will be spent away; and, we will have rest for a while. But, then physics also teaches us that there is nothing perfectly elastic or plastic. Trials don't leave us the same; but, God who is our potter uses everything for our good to conform us to His image. One final thought: Remember, steel is more elastic than rubber. We don't need to be rubber Christians.


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