8 Lessons from the Book of Job

1. Suffering has meaning (Job.23:10)
2. Mourning is not despair (Job 6:10; 7:6; 14:7; 19:10; 13:15)
3. Bad theology never glorifies God (Job 4:15; 8:8; 15:10)
(spiritual privilege, tradition, experience are not the bases)
4. Silence comforts more than words or speech (Job 16:2; 13:5)
5. It’s before God that a man stands or falls. (Job 13:1-4; Rom.14:4)
So stay focused on Him. Job didn’t give in to the counsel of his friends
6. We only know the outskirts (edges) of His ways (Job 26:14)
7. God knows and God cares (Job 38-41)
8. God doesn’t write tragedies
- He never made a piece of junk
- He never designed failure


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