Two Essentials of Watchfulness

There are at least two essentials of watchfulness:
1. To be aware that there can be an attack, an attempt to steal, an attempt to destroy anytime. The very fact that watchfulness is called for is because there is a possibility of attack. As long as we are in the world, we must watch. Even a second of slumbering or slight can prove fatal.
2. To not consider oneself as immune to attack. Anybody who thinks that he is immune and above any such attack has become presumptuous and stands in danger of a fall. Paul warned anybody who was thinking he stands to beware lest he fall (1Cor.10:12). We need to keep pressing on forward relentlessly until we have run the race and our time of departure from earth has come. There are no moments of casual vacationing for the Christian as far as spiritual watchfulness and warfare is concerned.


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