10 Secrets of Stability (Psalm 26)

1. No Compromise – Integrity
2. Absolute Trust (unwavering)
3. Constant Testing (Psa.26:2)
4. Constant Vision of His Love (Psa.26:3)
5. Pursuit of Truth (Psa.26:3)
6. Reserved Association (Psa.26:4-5)
7. Pure Conscience (Psa.26:6)
8. Holy Sacrifice (Psa.26:6; Rom.12:2)
9. Voice of Thanksgiving and Praise (Psa.26:7)
-Gratitude Vs Grumbling
-Praise Vs Provocation
-Positivity Vs Pessimism
10. Desire for the Heavenly City (Psa.26:8)


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