Deliverance from Bleeding Caused by Demons

(The stories under this category contain only first-hand eye-witness accounts by the author. No hear-say accounts are included under the category of "Testimonies". Only events that are certain are mentioned. Not-so-sure elements are contained in [] brackets. Over the years, the author has witnessed myriads of cases of healing and deliverance; however, only a few of these are included here. Certainly, it is only very fair to honestly testify to what God is doing through His Spirit among humans today)

Date: Sometime Between November 1992-1994

Ms.__Soni, a girl who was about 16 years old, was brought to the Prayer Center for deliverance. As the Pastor began praying for her, she began staring and crying out that she was seeing a demon. While the Pastor ministered and the believers prayed, blood started gushing from the forehead and from [her arms]. Some of the believers rushed into the adjoining house to fetch cotton to stop the blood. However, the blood wouldn't stop. The author was a little worried if the girl had somehow received some cut which caused the bleeding. However, after the demons were cast out, the girl was perfectly fine, and there were absolutely no sign of cuts or wounds anywhere.

Sometime later, the author saw a letter from the girl, who had gone back to her village. She expressed gratefulness and testified that she was healed and happy.


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