Deliverance from Stiffness Caused by Demons

Date: Sometime in the late 90s or early 00s

A young man, recently married, was brought by his family to the pastor's house. He could neither walk nor recognize any faces around. His body was very stiff as if all his limbs had got locked. His hair was unkempt and it seemed that he hadn't washed for many days. There was a very strong stench that filled the house that came with them. They said that he had just been married, but after that had suddenly become like this. He could not recognize anybody. They said he hadn't eaten for many days. They suspected witchcraft. The pastor held on to the boy's hand and prayed continuously for around 3-4 hours and ministered to him. After that, the boy began to respond and appeared better.

The next Sunday, the boy came to the church, well washed, groomed and totally delivered. It was very surprising to see him so transformed, absolutely normal.

Note: The stories under this category contain only first-hand eye-witness accounts by the author. No hear-say accounts are included under the category of "Testimonies". Only events that are certain are mentioned. Not-so-sure elements are contained in [] brackets. Over the years, the author has witnessed myriads of cases of healing and deliverance; however, only a few of these are included here. Certainly, it is only very fair to honestly testify to what God is doing through His Spirit among humans today


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