Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Cleansing Power of Christ's Blood and God's Call to Holiness

The Bible declares that all men have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God (Rom.3:23)

1. We Cannot Cleanse Ourselves; So, God took the Steps to Cleanse Us
In Eden, He provided the skin to cover the nakedness of Adam and Eve (Gen.3:21)
He provided an Altar. He provided a Temple and ordained the Sin Offering (Exo.29:14)
Then, He became the Sin Offering (Heb.10:8-10)
Jesus said, “Unless I wash you, you have no part in me” (Jn.13:8)

2. The Price of our Washing Was Very Great
Something gets spent up for the washing of any dirt. You may use detergents, shampoos, and, of course, a lot of water. But, all these couldn't cleanse us. The price of our cleansing was the Blood of Jesus (1Jn.1:7; Rev.7:14)

3. The Power of Christ’s Blood is Total: The Cleansing is Absolute
“You are clean”, "completely clean" (Jn.13:10) – He alone can clean; He has the authority
He has fully forgiven all our sins – cast them on His back. Remembers our sins no more. He has cleansed us of all sins, past, present, and future (Psa.103:12)

4. He Calls us to Cleanse ourselves
In mercy and truth Atonement is provided for iniquity; And by the fear of the LORD one departs from evil. (Pro 16:6 NKJ)
--Atonement is Provided by Christ
--Our Responsibility is to depart from evil
God has called us to holiness. He calls us to cleanse ourselves (1Thess.4:7; James 4:8,9)

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